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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sharp Turn in the Road

I have been learning Hibernate ( and  creating small examples) for quite some time now. And I am feeling a bit bored of this db thing now. I guess I need a change. So I decided to sharpen my skills at one another technology I have been using in the past year. Spring.
I have been using Spring in my project for the last year now. We started fresh on it with zero ground knowledge. At every stage of the development we have been amazed and impressed with what Spring has had to offer. So to bring a dash of change to the blog, I decided to take a stab at spring.
For my learning I had referred to a host of similar blogs, the Spring source site, my fellow workers, spring's source code and the book "Spring In Action- Second Edition". My knowledge might very well turn out to be a mix. (its definitely not something new, that I am putting out there ;) )Hope it helps.
This does not mean that Hibernate stops here. I shall continue with both Spring and Hibernate and at some point blog on a mix of the two. Till then cheers.

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