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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tinkering with blogger - Adding a scrolling headline

OK first and foremost - This is not related to Java. And second - This was all done with the purpose of getting an internship (yes selfish and self serving reasons for this post people).
Now that I have all disclaimers out of the way, let me start the story. I have always wanted a way to post some quick notes on my blog. Like a mini- feed. The way news sites do. (Nothing pompous, don't worry). I looked over the blogger apps and never found anything suitable. So I just let it be.
But now that I am looking for an internship, I felt the need to have that information out here. And also the resume. Like an advertisement for myself :). But how to do the same.
A quick look around the net acquainted me with the marquee tag. (Should be re-acquainted, I remember playing with scrolling message when I first learned HTML.)  The marquee tag would allow me to display a simple message - something like:
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left">
My message 
But how to put this in my page ?This is where the Blogger provides help. I do not need to go and edit every post to put my scrolling message. I need to just edit my template.

I built the HTML code I needed and decided to add it in. I needed to also provide my resume. So I uploaded it to my Google drive as a public document.
The next step is to identify a suitable place in the template. I decided I wanted to have my headline at the head of the page (nothing innovative there). So a quick search enabled me to locate the right section in the template and I added my code:
Got good help from this blog. Save the template and view - The Headline has been added !


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