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Friday 3 June 2016

Neo4j - Retrieve records via Cypher

I had the chance to do a project in big data using Graph databases. Then we had used Neo4j and managed to learn quite some stuff - through hack techniques. Nevertheless our short stint with Graph databases was quite enjoyable and I decided to explore Neo4j once more.

Monday 9 May 2016

Servlet 3.x - Async Servlets

In our last post, I touched on AsyncServlet and used it to implement a Comet Application. I decided to go into the feature into a bit more depth.

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Reverse AJAX - The Comet Technique

In my series on Reverse AJAX, I covered Polling and Piggybacking. We saw the pros and cons of either technique. In this post I shall take a look at a third technique - Comet.

Sunday 27 March 2016

Reverse AJAX - Using the Piggback Technique

In the previous post we saw how reverse AJAX was achieved using the polling technique. Although easy, this is not a very popular or scalable solution. An alternative approach is the Piggback Technique.

Friday 18 March 2016

Reverse AJAX - what and how ?

I had only heard about the concept of reverse AJAX before. So when I started looking at servlets async behavior I was tempted to check out this concept.

Saturday 27 February 2016

Servlet 3.x - Using MultipartConfig for file uploads

In an earlier post, I had written on performing file upload and download using Spring MVC. In that example I used commons-fileupload-1.2.2.jar. This is because Servlets did not have built in support for File upload operation. However Servlets 3.x provides support - as a part of the specs. So no need to include any additional jars. I decided to try an example of the same.

Sunday 21 February 2016

Servlet 3.x - HandlesTypes annotation

I came across the @HandlesTypes annotation while looking at Servlet 3.1 specs, and of course with lot of time to spare, I ended up trying it out.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Servlet 3.x - Building the web.xml less Web Application

Ever since Java introduced  annotations, every framework has been looking to provide an XML alternative to their configuration information. So how could servlets be left behind.

Saturday 16 January 2016

try with resource - dealing with failures

In the previous post we saw the try-with-resource statements and how the execution flows. Here I decided to look at the java.sql.Connection class which also implements the AutoCloseable interface.

Wednesday 6 January 2016

Java Streams

We have been exploring Lambda expressions and Functional Interfaces in the past few posts. Now is the time to move to a related new  feature called Streams.

try with resource

I have often used the try-with-resources Statement that was introduced in Java 7. Today I decided to look a little deep into it.
In earlier versions of java when dealing with resources that need closing, the code something like below: