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Tuesday 7 July 2020

Amazon ECS : My first AWS container - Part 2

In the previous post we created a container image for our code and pushed the image onto ECR. In this post, we will setup an ECS application
Going back to ECS console, the first step is to configure the Container definition:
The Container image is from the ECR. I upgraded memory requirements to 256 MB. Also did not add any ports since there is no communication here.
The next steps were approved as is:
A task definition is a blueprint for your application, and describes one or more 
containers through attributes. Some attributes are configured at the task level but 
the majority of attributes are configured per container.
The default task definition was what I used:
Next is the service definition:
A service allows you to run and maintain a specified number (the "desired count")
of simultaneous instances of a task definition in an ECS cluster.
Here too I went with the defaults:

The last part is the cluster definition:
We used a Fargate cluster
With this the ECS cluster setup is complete.
As can be seen a new log group was setup along with new VPC, subnets and security group.
My container is now up and running:

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